Wednesday, August 29, 2012


When did a political office begin to dictate that the person in the office was to live life like a royal?  
If the average American citizen is paying the salary of a politician why do they live life like the super rich?
For a person to be able to achieve a political seat they have to have connections and money.  So why are the political officials being paid so much money?
The average American struggling to pay bills every month and saving for a one week vacation every year with his family is paying the salary of the president.   Why does the president take three vacations or more a year? 
If the average American family has to have two incomes to make it, what is Michelle Obama's job?
Shouldn't the president's wife have a profession?
What about the rest of congress and those seated in the Senate, and their spouses?
What are their salaries and is the average American citizen getting a salary anywhere close to that?
Why doesn't the government fund the parks so average Americans can visit the parks that the average American citizen pays for without having to pay a fee?
I believe that the political officials in this country are over paid.  The over payment of these political people is a detriment to the enjoyment of life for the average American citizen.
The average American citizen is working to pay bills.  The bill payment cycle is a constant revolving door to nowhere.  The bill cycle is to me very much like the treadmill that the hamster runs on daily.  Paycheck to paycheck we (the average American citizen) are working to pay the next bill with no end in site.

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