Sunday, November 27, 2016

It's been awhile since I posted anything on my blog.  Let me begin to catch you up.  I graduated from Everest University with a 4.0 GPA in 2013  I looked for a job with no success until I gave up.  I began substitute teaching.  I have done photography seasonably.  I have helped my husband with his business occasionally and I have currently gone back to Home health.

I still crochet and doing other crafts such as flower arrangements.

My son is living with his girl friend and had a son of his own in May 2015.  Our relationship is strained.  
My husband and I voted for Trump.  Not because we knew he would win but because we are hoping he will bring our nation back from socialism and possibly keep our country from becoming communism. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


When did a political office begin to dictate that the person in the office was to live life like a royal?  
If the average American citizen is paying the salary of a politician why do they live life like the super rich?
For a person to be able to achieve a political seat they have to have connections and money.  So why are the political officials being paid so much money?
The average American struggling to pay bills every month and saving for a one week vacation every year with his family is paying the salary of the president.   Why does the president take three vacations or more a year? 
If the average American family has to have two incomes to make it, what is Michelle Obama's job?
Shouldn't the president's wife have a profession?
What about the rest of congress and those seated in the Senate, and their spouses?
What are their salaries and is the average American citizen getting a salary anywhere close to that?
Why doesn't the government fund the parks so average Americans can visit the parks that the average American citizen pays for without having to pay a fee?
I believe that the political officials in this country are over paid.  The over payment of these political people is a detriment to the enjoyment of life for the average American citizen.
The average American citizen is working to pay bills.  The bill payment cycle is a constant revolving door to nowhere.  The bill cycle is to me very much like the treadmill that the hamster runs on daily.  Paycheck to paycheck we (the average American citizen) are working to pay the next bill with no end in site.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Whats Been Happening

      This is a picture of my son the day he moved out.   for some reason every picture I took at that time is blurry and shows motion in the picture.  
      My son moving out has had some different effects on me.  I began learning about perspective and how we as people chose to look at the world.  This new way of understanding, I think has helped me through my son's decision to move out at 18 before he finished high school.
       I could not remember my log in information which is why I have not blogged in a while although I have had info to share and crochet projects that I have been working on to share with my crochet friends and followers.
       I am presently working on obtaining my bachelors degree and my projected date of completion is August 2013.  The crochet projects have really taken a back seat because of the continual progression through classes and the choice to spend some of my time on other projects and casual computer gaming.  
       Some of the projects I have been working on are: landscaping, redecorating, and cooking.   I have been working steadily on my favorite backyard project the dry creek bed.
      The redecorating is going on in what used to be my son's room.  I have patched holes and painted the walls with primer and scraped the popcorn off the ceiling.  I am envisioning a mild yellow paint and a complimenting yellow and large art deco style print wall paper on one wall.  The curtains for the window I have not yet been able to pin down.  Of course I also plan on redoing the adjoining bathroom the same color but have not even primed the walls yet.
        Cooking,  I am watching Italian cooking shows and have enjoyed cooking some of the dishes that have made my water.  Fanny thing is my husband who would never eat an artichoke heart has!  I had made this dish with stuffed shells and it called for cutting up artichoke hearts and putting it into the mixture of meat and cheese and stuffing it into the shells. 
      He loved it,  so I am having a good time with that and I am still in school making straight A's and constantly working on my perspective. Gardening which is a passion of mine and something I do even when crochet has been my other hobby full time.  I am a giant kid and I never want to grow up, I enjoy doing the things I do and I believe this is how I need to live my life.  Who wants to be so bogged down in a job that tires them to the point they are unable to do the things they love?  That is no way to live, just saying.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Here is a sweater for Blythe

I have just created this Sweater for Blythe the pattern is for sale. please email me for payment and I will send the pattern to you.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shell Mini skirt for Blythe Doll

I have never Blogged before, but I guess I going to. I made this skirt for my Blythe doll and thought I would pass it on for fellow Ravelrers. So here are the instructions to crochet.

Chain 20. Turn. Single crochet into the second stitch from hook. One single crochet in each stitch to end. 19 single crochets.
Row 2: Turn chain two. One Half double crochet into first stitch. Two half double crochets into next stitch. One half double crochet into next stitch and in the next 15 stitches. Two half double crochets into the next two stitches.
Row 3: Turn, chain two. One half double crochet into first stitch and in each stitch across. 23 stitches.
Row 4: Turn Chain 2 two half double crochets into first stitch. one half double into next stich. Two half doubles into next stitch. one half double Crochet into the next 16 stitches. Two half double crochets into the next two stitches. Chain 3.
Row 5: 3 double crochets into first stitch. Skip two stitches one single crochet into next stitch. *skip one stitch. Four double crochets into next stitch. Skip next stitch one single into next stitch. Repeat 4 more times. Skip next stich and 3 double crochets into next stitch. Chain one.
Row 5: Slip stitch into first stich. One single crochet into next stitch. Skip two stitches five triple crochets into next stitch (the single crochet of previos row). Skip two stitches. One single crochet into the third double of previous row. Pattern Hint (put the Triples into the single crochets of previous row). Put a single crochet into the third double of previous row across. 7 single crochets, 30 Triple crochets or 6 Shells of 5 triple crochets.
Round 1: Slip stitch into top of chain at begining of Row 5. one single crochet into same stitch. Chain 4. Four triple crochets into single crochet. *one single crochet into third triple of previous row. Five triples into single crochet of previous row. *Repeat 4 times. One single crochet into third triple of previous row and slip stitch into the top of the chain at begining of round. Finish off.
Place a fastener of your choice on the back.

Crochet Skirt for blythe